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♣ Natural Seduction Game ♣
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Я опять решил начать пользоваться своим дневником.Этот дневник воплощение моей страстной натуры и моей темной стороны.Он полностью посвящен Натуральной Игре и Seduction skill.В закрытом режиме буду выкладывать свои статьи посвященные реальной игре.Занимаюсь проведением real coaching, но об этом потом.

Если вы в списке, то у нас врятли есть общие интересы и не надо меня добивать тупыми камментами :) OK?

-Если вы теоретик "пикапа"
-Если вы задроченный НЛПер, который не умеет естественно общаться и выражать мысли.
-Если вы не уважительно относитесь к девушкам
-Если вы AFC
-Если вы проходили семинары у АО totalseduction (^^)
-Если вы резиновая вагина

Я искренне за вас рад, вы особенный...In friend  не добавлю.Удачи :)
Я в России.)
07 23 09 - Errors seducer's
Errors "studying" a seducing

It is a lot of now people who “study a seducing”. And to anybody it is impossible. Well, that is it turns out percent at ten. Casually. Which like as do too most, as everything, but appear more lucky. But about them we will not speak today. We will talk today about typical errors of those who studies a seducing. Why they or look very strange, or at them turn out nothing, or women complain of them to familiar trainers on a seducing.)

Studying of a material which does not approach you

Well, say, model "Misteri" which approaches for people who very much are afraid of refusal and any interactions on the verge of social comfort, i.e. try to get only to situations with very big factor of the control. You will tell, what here the bad? Yes anything, only it not all interestingly also causes not in all feeling “about, interestingly, me прёт from when I do it”. Bulletproof the technics in bulletproof situations personally causes melancholy and desire in me to get drunk.

But at the same time there are people, for which seducing as social эскстрим — absolutely unacceptable variant of actions and to it is better other ways, quieter, type to draw out the girl for money (having persuaded its charm on the discount and having made from this technology) in average hands блядюшнике. I understand them, though itself with them and do not agree. It is important to know, where you and that approaches you.

Otherwise there is a certain rupture meanwhile from what you would have an internal drive and that you do. It is always felt. If you have a stock of social level and интересности for the girl (or its degrees of intoxication) it it will endure that, if you live on the verge of the possibilities it will not turn out.

Well, as an example - I saw a situation when (on it all it is visible, besides, that it the investment adviser) have approached to the beautiful young and succeeding investment adviser two girls, have started to get acquainted with it, and it has started to banish it routine about “you two girls saw here have fought”. In general, they have left, naturally.)
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